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The Flavor of Magick

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The Magick of Tea



Here at The Witchwood Teahouse, Tea and Magick are a way of life. 

Specially blended and Reiki infused teas for your sacred rituals, meditations, and intentions. 

Each tea is created with purpose in small batches for potency.

Discover the Magick of Tea!

Specially blended tea for cognition and mental focus.
A tea for meditation
Open your mind’s eye.
The perfect tea for any ritual or ceremony.
Color Changing Faerie Tea



Only the best ingredients make it into each hand-blended tea. 

Every tea is blended in small batches using the freshest whole ingredients available. What you see is what you get! This is how we make beautiful teas bursting with flavor.

No additives, no flavorings, no preservatives, and nothing artificial. 

Indulge in pure magick & luxury. 

A Magickal Beginning

Magick is the seed buried deep underground, working hard, reaching and struggling to break through the surface of the earth.

Learn more about how The Witchwood Teahouse was born. 

Leandra Witchwood

Master Herbalist
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The Witchwood Teahouse was founded on the belief that plants and herbal remedies are a gift from nature. These gifts are given to us so we might heal and balance the mind, body & spirit.