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Meet Leandra


Master Herbalist, Usui Reiki & Celtic Reiki Master & Author.

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Herbs have always been in my life. 

But not just for cooking. My journey with plants and herbs has been deeply spiritual and profound. 

I find within each plant a unique spirit that helps guide me on my journey. As I work with each plant I allow it to guide me and teach me how to help others gain clarity, healing, and balance. 

Not only do stems, seeds, roots, and flowers help us heal and balance holistically – they also taste damn good!

Where it all started...

The Witchwood Teahouse got its beginnings through the Magick kitchen, a lifestyle blog dedicated to Witchcraft, paganism, and Kitchen Witchery. 

Over time the writings of Leandra Witchwood grew into published books and The Witchwood Teahouse where she offers her uniquely conscious tea blends infused with Reiki and magick to anyone looking for healing, insight, or to honor their spirit. 

She holds two diplomas in Allopathic Herbalism and is currently earning her diplomas in Vitalist and Elemental Herbalism. She has over 20 years of knowledge and experience she blends into every tea. 

Visit The Magick Kitchen for recipes, tips, and more!

The idea...

There was a time when we worked with the Earth instead of against her. From this divine connection, the Earth provided us with plants for healing and much more.

Tea is deeply integrated into the human experience. After all, tea was our ancestors’ first form of medicine. Today tea is much more than a practical therapy for relieving congestion, soothing anxiety, and cooling heartburn. Take a moment and think about the feelings you experience when you brew and hold a cup of tea in your hands. Your mind, body, and spirit awaken as your connection to nature, and the healing properties of plants ignite. Tea is pleasure and comfort! Tea is health and wellness. Tea inspires us to consider the whole of our being; mind, body, and spirit. Sipping delicious tea reminds us of how nature plays an essential role in our health and welfare.

The Witchwood Teahouse is proud to continue the time-tested tradition of using tea to alleviate ailments, provide comfort after a long day, and uplift us when we need it most. Master Herbalist, Leandra Witchwood carefully crafts each blend in small batches, utilizing her 25+ years of experience and two diplomas in Master Herbalism to guide each blend. Her education and experience help ensure potency and pleasure with each sip you take. We believe that sipping tea should be a meaningful experience. It’s about going deeper as we tap into the vitality within.

We also believe that sipping tea should be a spiritual experience. We don’t believe it is about going bigger, but more about going deeper. This philosophy comes from the many tea ceremonies and rituals Leandra hosts at spiritual retreats, women’s groups, and holistic wellness centers.

Tea gives us the ability to connect deeply to the Divine, self, and the universe. You will find many of our teas are named in honor of Goddesses who represent love, healing, the Wild-Wise Woman, and longevity. Leandra also creates teas for spiritual and magickal observances as she pairs ingredients for specific tasks like; meditation, divination, sacred ceremony, offerings, spell work and more. Our teas are blended under particular phases of the moon to ensure their potency beyond their mundane capacities.

In addition to our handcrafted teas, Leandra also creates many sacred herbal items for your rituals and celebrations. From her many years of knowledge as a Master Herbalist, Leandra creates Tea Baths, Herbal Washes, Herbal Scatters, and MORE.


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Wooden spoon on loose herbal tea.

Join us for a delicious tea ceremony, where we use tea to support, heal and balance our mind, body and spirit. 

Taste the difference in perfectly blended fresh dried tea, herbs, fruit, and spices.

The ethos.


We bring the 


Only the best ingredients make it into each hand-blended tea. 

Every tea is blended in small batches using the freshest whole ingredients available. What you see is what you get! This is how we make beautiful teas bursting with flavor.

No additives, no flavorings, no preservatives, and nothing artificial. 


The Witchwood Teahouse was founded on the belief that plants and herbal remedies are a gift from nature. These gifts are given to us so we might heal and balance the mind, body & spirit.