Moon Weaver Circles

Cerridwen's Grove

A Monthly Moon Weaver’s Circle

If you find yourself marveling at the brilliance of the moon…If you find yourself stopping in your tracks to catch a glimpse of her silver light… then we are kin.

We deeply feel the cosmic energy gifted to us by the moon’s silver glow. This power is strengthened by our ancestors, providing us the perfect opportunity to manifest our heart’s desires. Waxing and waning, we carry with us the cycles of the moon as she expands and recedes.

The moon is matched by no other. She illuminates our path as we walk between the shadows – exploring, learning, and growing on our journey. Her light profoundly touches us, blessing our every move. She infuses our mind, body, and spirit with eternal resilience. She reminds us that we are whole and that we have permission to shine or retreat when needed.

You may find yourself asking, “What do we do with this energy? How can I work with the moon to honor my highest purpose?”

If you feel this call… this yearning… it is time for us to gather. It is time to celebrate our connection to the moon and set our intentions.

Please join us each month as we create a sacred space where we can honor ourselves, manifest our desires, and revere the moon in all her magnificence!  Each month we will bring you unique rituals for self-care, self-love, and manifesting, as we offer ideas on how you can create your own ceremonies at home.

Let’s fulfill our dreams, wishes, and heart-felt desires together as we bathe in the moonlight!

What to Expect

Join us in Cerridwen’s Grove for a personal healing experience rooted in sovereignty, beautifully, and the Divine collective.

Each month we offer a new theme and a new opportunity to heal, grow, and nurture your journey. 

Each circle will honor the diversity of its attendees, as we offer simple meditations, activities, and visualizations to connect each of us to our higher purpose. We will also offer time for discussion and questions related to the circle’s theme.

At the heart of our time together, we will offer you a transformational ceremony, you can customize for your own needs as you see fit. Some of our rituals together will allow us to reflect. Some will inspire you to do deep work, while others will help you recognize the Divine power you hold within. Our goal is to help you emerge each month with a sense of fulfillment, confidence, nourishment, self-love, empowerment, and clarity.

What’s the Fee?

These circles are COMPLETELY FREE. We do not expect you to pay to attend.

The only fee you will encounter if you choose to purchase the products we use during the ceremony. Purchasing these products is not mandatory if you attend online. If you attend in person, you will need to purchase the products to secure your seat within the tent. When you attend physically, your products will be laid out for you before you take your seat. 

Join us in-person

There will be limited seats (or cushions) available to those who wish to join us physically within the sacred space. Registration will be cut off 12 hours before the ceremony to allow enough time for our team to put together your unique product bundles. 

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Join us on-line

Black candle on a witch's altar for a magical ceremony among crystals and black candles.

If you cannot be with us in person, you are welcome to join us online. A link to the ceremony will be emailed to you before we begin. You can purchase your product bundles before hand and they will be shipped to you right away!

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