August – Cerridwen’s Grove Moon Weaver’s Circle – Endurance

August – Cerridwen’s Grove Moon Weaver’s Circle –


Join us in Cerridwen’s Grove as we explore the mythology and essence of the Celtic Goddess Tailtiu.  Together we will explore her message of endurance, sovereignty, and her cycle of life, death & rebirth.

Tailtiu (pronounced Tale-too), is a Celtic Earth Goddess, associated with vigor, strength, and endurance. Her name means “Great One of the Earth.” Her legend describes how she cleared the trees from large areas of land so it could be tilled, planted, and harvested by man. Join us as we celebrate her sacrifice and dedication or our livelihoods. 

This month’s Cerridwen’s Grove bundle includes the following:

A Tea for Tailtiu, This loose-leaf organic tea has a delightful blackberry flavor, blended with herbs sacred to Tailtiu, Celtic Earth Goddess of vigor and endurance – crafted by The Witchwood Teahouse

Vitality Elixir, an elixir of adaptogenic nettles seed and holy basil, along with cooling peach leaves, wisdom bearing mugwort, nourishing nasturtium flower, graceful starflower, centering self-heal and wild blackberries steeped in brandy and sweetened with local honey. Lovingly harvested and crafted by The Rebel Herbalist

Peach Moonstone helps tame anger depression and helps soothe worry and anxiety. Peach Moonstone is considered to be a great tool for intuitive individuals and children. Divine and feminine energy are associated due to it being in the Moonstone family. Iolite is the second choice and is known as being a visionary stone and associated with the Third Eye Chakra. In past times this stone was considered a Viking compass. Iolite is a great addition to use when your Chakras are aligned; it can help stimulate your inner knowing, hand-selected by, hand-selected by Wild Moon & Co.

You can purchase these items as a bundle HERE. Or you may purchase them individually as you desire by following the links above.

Endurance Bundle with Journal for in-person attendees.

In-Person Attendees: SPACE IS LIMITED, if you plan to attend in person, you will get the most out of this experience. Your product bundle will be ready for you when you arrive. Your bundle will include a leather-style journal for your use after the circle and for future circles. After our ceremony together, you will take home your products for further use. You will also enjoy freshly brewed tea during the ceremony. After the ceremony, you are welcomed to stay and enjoy some refreshments as we spend time connecting with one another.  Please arrive about 10-15 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. When you arrive, we will give you the details of our ceremony and perform an energetic cleansing. Please dress for the weather this event will be hosted outside.

Rain and other weather concerns. Please remember to join our Facebook group for updates and notices related to weather conditions. 

On-Line Attendees: Your products will be shipped to you within 24-hours of your purchase. Please ensure your purchase is made at least 4 days before the event to ensure your package arrives on time. When you attend on-line purchasing these items is not necessary. You may substitute what you already have available. Your RSVP is required to attend.

Other items you may want to have available to you when attending this ceremony on-line:

  • Candles & a lighter
  • Teacup, and a method to brew your tea
  • Set up your altar and sacred space as you see fit
  • A journal for processing and documenting your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

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