Assam, Whole Organic Loose Leaf Tea by weight

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Organic Assam Banaspaty Organic Black Whole Loose Leaf Tea

Sold by weight
Sample Size, 12-gram bag
Medium, 1-ounce bag
Large, 2-ounce bag

Packaged in gusseted bags. Store tightly sealed in a dark, cool, dry place for up to 6 months.

USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified


Contains caffeine

Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea hot or cold.

Packed in a paper/kraft stand up resealable pouch to maintain freshness


Assam Sample, 12g, Assam Loose Leaf Tea, 1 ounce, Assam Loose Leaf Tea, 2 oz

4 reviews for Assam, Whole Organic Loose Leaf Tea by weight

  1. chandrawohleber

    I sent this and 4 other teas to a friend and she loves them! She was very pleased that they were all truly natural–no flavorings or sweeteners added, etc. Shipping was speedy.

  2. russelsn

    Tastes great is shipped quickly, and is packaged beautifully! I’m very happy with my purchase. :]

  3. CrazyCupcakeChick

    I adore the packaging! The tea is bold and delightful!

  4. Emma

    I brewed a cup before work this morning and it tasted wonderful! I’ve been on the search for a good loose-leaf tea shop for some time now, and look forward to ordering some more flavors!

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