Empath’s Organic Loose-Leaf Tea


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Empath’s Organic Loose-Leaf Tea

Many highly sensitive people are also empathic. Empaths often take on someone’s intentions, emotions, and more causing them confusion, stress, and fatigue which can lead to a complete shutdown. Being empathic means finding ways to protect yourself from unwanted feelings, anxiety, and disorder. Being an Empath doesn’t have to be a curse. In fact, it is a blessing once you learn to manage your ability.

Enjoy this tea as your daily ritual and before going out into social situations. You can also drink this tea when you expect to be around many people; like at the grocery store.
This tea is specially formulated to help protect you from unwanted psychic influences, help you heal from overload, and help you rebound from emotional/mental fatigue.

As you sip your tea you may choose to repeat the following incantation:
“Around me I place a shield.
I am Divinely protected and to the right energy I am connected.
So Mote It BE!”

Ingredients are as follows:
Oolong – Courage & Strength
Nettle – Protection & Healing
Blueberry – Protection
Lemon – Protection, Happiness, Purification & to fortify your psychic power
Mint – Healing, Protection & Purification
Dandelion –


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