Star Anise, Whole, Organic by weight


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Star Anise Organic Whole Loose Spice Magickal Aspects
(Illicutn verum) G (Illicum verum only)
Magickal Aspects: Psychic Powers & Luck
Element: Air
Planet: Jupiter
Chakras: Third Eye (6th Chakra) / Crown (7th Chakra)
Star Anise, also known as Chineses Anise, is widely regarded as a magickal spice. The star shape of this magickal component is a key indicator of its magickal aspects and reverence in magickal communities all over the world.
Carry whole Star Anise in a bag to ward off the Evil Eye. Star Anise may bring good luck in Love, Money, and Health Matters through Powerful Visions. Drink Star Anise tea before performing divination. You may also place a dish of Star Anise on your altar or burn it as incense before reading to induce Psychic Vision allowing you to be more effective during acts of divination.
Starr Anise can strengthen our dreams and your linking to spirit. It helps summon or bring forth your spirit-body to bring clarity to a situation, helping you “see” past the cloud of your current view.


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